NPR The Best of Our Knowledge - #1669 - Tree Trunks Store Trove of Useful Data

September 2022

NPR Here and Now - Rising temperatures are harming trees

Live interview

August 2, 2022

New York Times - Will these ancient trees survive a drying west?

July 2022

Opinion piece by Daniel Griffin, with graphics by Nathaniel Lash

BBC World Service Newshour "What tree rings tell us about climate change"

June 2021, International Broadcast, Live Interview

2016-10-20: Griffin's work on tree rings and drought in California was featured at several points in "Running on Empty," an episode of The Nature of Things, a long-running science program produced by the Canadian Broadcasting Company. Unfortunately, program viewing seems to only be available to those with Canadian IP addresses.

2018-06-15: High Country News has an insightful article featuring results from our 2018 Global Change Biology paper.

2018-04-05: As part of American Public Media's The Water Main Series, Dan Griffin was featured on Minnesota Public Radio's ClimateCast, April 5, 2018. The background music is AMAZING.

2016-04-15: The UMN College of Liberal Arts produced a video featuring our own Talia Anderson, an honors undergraduate double major in Geography and Spanish Studies. Talia's undergraduate thesis work is focused on climate vulnerability of cloud forests in Guatemala. Talia is on her way to a Fulbright Fellowship at the Tree-Ring Lab in Valdivia, Chile!


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